Welcome to St. Joseph Family Support Organization

St. Joseph Family Support Organization is a 501(c) Public Charity registered with the IRS. St. Joseph Family Support is run by volunteers where 100% of your donations are used to support our mission. Its main mission is to stimulate the spirit of community awareness and giving to those who are less fortunate in the greater Metro Detroit areas and its surrounding in the state of Michigan. With funds raised from public and private donors we achieve the following:

  1. We provide emergency assistance to families of orphans and widowers, who are in a dire financial situation due to the loss of the main income earner of the family, especially to those who do not qualify for government or public assistance and or to those who receive limited assistance compared to their actual needs.
  2. We provide temporally monthly financially assistance to individuals and families who are facing challenging economic periods due to either loss of employment, relocation from another state for the purpose of securing employment, and or help those who are facing financial hardship due to unforeseen circumstances.
  3. We reward scholarships to those pursuing higher education to improve their well-being and do not qualify for government or private students’ loans.
  4. We provide financial assistance for the opportunity of equal health care to those without medical insurance coverage and suffering from illnesses, so that individuals and families can undergo medical treatments and attain prescription drugs, otherwise unavailable to them.
  5. We operate a food bank which provides necessary foodstuffs to individuals and families on a weekly basis

Mission Statement:

Stimulate the spirit of community awareness by serving all those who are less fortunate in our community.

100% Volunteer Based

100% of Donations go directly to the community

How you can help!